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What to Look For in Choosing the Arba Minim

The Torah commands us to take a “beautiful” fruit. The Torah is referring to the Etrog, but the sages, employing Talmudic methodology, deduced that the requirement of obtaining a beautiful product applies to the other three species as well. Therefore, it is important to choose specimens that are fresh and aesthetically pleasing. And since “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” no two people share the exact same taste when choosing their Etrog and Lulav sets.

It is of utmost importance that you purchase your Arba Minim sets from a trustworthy, G‑d-fearing vendor, and that the Etrog is rabbinically kosher certified. An Etrog that is harvested from a tree that was cross-grafted with another species—a practice that is quite common, as the hybrid product is quite beautiful—is invalid for Sukkot use. Rabbinical certification guarantees that the Etrog is from a tree that was inspected to ascertain that it is “purebred.”

We at Hadar Etrogim are meticulous at choosing the most beautiful Esrog and Lulav sets for you in each grade. We don’t compromise on quality and service, and offer products only under strict Rabbinical kosher supervision. Our products are fresh and aesthetically pleasing, and are known to be of untainted pedigree.


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